RITA Verification Portal 2020/2021.


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Historical background
RITA was officially launched on June 23, 2006 and replaces the so-called Divisional Attorney General's Office in the Office of the Attorney General, Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice. It is an Agency under the Attorney General's Office in the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs.

The history of RITA dates back to 1917 when the German colonial government enacted the Generation and Death Registration Act (Proclamation No. 15 of 1917 (Citizenship)) when the British took Tanganyika (Mainland) from the Germans to recognize the registration process births and deaths prescribed in German law by recognizing notebooks under the Genealogy and Deaths Registration Act, 1920 (chapter 108).

It should be noted that under both colonial states registration of genealogies and deaths was not mandatory for Africans.
Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency aims to provide good and consistent information on important life events, bonding sponsors, custody, deceased, death, and under-age children to facilitate The law will take its course.
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Welcome to RITA'S Certifcate Verification Portal, If you are new Kindly Register for an Account, Otherwise returning users can log in.
This RITA Verification Portal used by Students who use to apply HESLB Loan for Particular Academic Year of 2020/2021 so as can be verified as they eligible for loan Application. For those who will not attach Verified birth or death Certificates their application will not be valid so can lead them not allocated for Loan until they Certificate being verified with particular Authority that is 

Important Things To Note Use RITA UHAKIKI PORTAL
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  • After sending your Verification certificate your answers will be available in your account that you create and not in your Email address.
  • Bill Control Number: 991380913455
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RITA'S Certifcate Verification Portal

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